Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walking Dead Keeps Getting Better

This has been one of the best season's of the Walking Dead, if not the best.
I've been thinking over the last few seasons and I'm just blown away at how they've maintain a great show into season 5. By comparison season 4 looks really weak.
That being said, I did have to grit my teeth to get through the "dumb ass" moments of season 1 and 2. Does anyone else remember putting Glenn in the well? Enough said.

Unfortunately in the mid-season finale we lost Beth. Waaaaaa. It was a great performance and I was so shocked I couldn't figure out who shot Beth. I had to rewind a few times until I realized Dawn reflexively shot her after getting stabbed in the shoulder with small scissors.
The show had a great start, middle and (gasp) end.

Like millions of fans, I've also become hooked on Talking Dead, although it's not quite the conspiracy relief I'm seeking. I do like when they discuss the comics because I haven't read them.
On Sunday's Talking Dead, Emily Kinney (Beth) cried and got choked up several times when she talked about leaving the Walking Dead family. Robert Kirkman, Walking Dead comics creator, looked very uncomfortable at her emotional outbursts.

I'm really looking forward to February and am dying to see what will happen. I think that's how the writers wanted it to end.

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