Sample: New Parent Survival Guide

Survival guide for the freaked out parent

Reason I wrote this booklet:

If you are at all like me, your mom will not be alive by the time you get married, let alone have your first baby. You were so overwhelmed having your first baby and reading What to Expect that you didn’t give a thought to what to do with the little munchkin once she was born.

OK, slight exaggeration. I’m sure I read a book or two about what to do with my baby once she was born.  One of our friends gave us a 10-age flip book that showed us how to change a diaper, feed the baby, etc.
What is there to worry about, my sister told me all they do is eat, sleep and poop for the first three months.

Firstly, my daughter did not sleep much, especially not during the day. She was a tiny eater and the poop, well that part was true.

One thing I discovered missing from all the books about what to do with your tiny tike was the advice that gets passed down from tried and true methods. I’m not talking about giving your kid a sip of brandy while they are teething. My neighbor still tells me how that worked for her 30 years ago.

My tips are from experience and what was passed down to me by coworkers or friends whose children were born after 2000. My daughter was born in 2009. I’d write tips about the toddler years, except I’m still in them and don’t know what I’m doing. My daughter is finally potty trained but it was despite me not because of my help. I won’t go there.


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