Thursday, August 21, 2014

Writing update

For some reason I have not published Evolution yet.
I'm not sure why. I can't say. I have a cover. The book is done.
I want to do some final edits but I just haven't dived in.
I think I'm worried that it took me six years to write it and it might take me another six years to write the sequel.
I don't exactly have George RR Martin's following, so I can hardly take so long.
My other concern is something Hugh Howey wrote about on his blog recently. It was about marketing books and how authors are best served by putting up an entire series all at once instead of waiting time in between books. If someone likes the book, they'll go on to read others by the author.
I'm much more likely to finish the Tysseland Chronicles than Evolution.
So I decided to published book two and three of the Tysseland Chronicles later this year. I'm not sure if I should wait to publish Evolution once book two is written, but it's something to consider.
So that's the plan. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Follow the blog by email

To get the latest progress report on Tysseland Chronicles sign up to get my blog via email. Follow me by email and you don't even have to visit the site to see what I've written.
I think it's a wonderful efficient service that I hope readers enjoy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Unemployed get no respect

When you aren't working, people ask what do you do all day?
It's not hard to fill up seven hours. Let's take yesterday. I got up at 5:30 a.m. and drove five hours from Toronto, got home just in time to meet the noon to 2 p.m. Comcast arrival window.
I got food out of the freezer for dinner. I haven't been cooking much lately because frankly I don't have the time!!
Of course the technician actually showed up at 1:59 p.m. and stayed until 5 p.m.
I tidied up the house. Ate lunch. Went through my email, pulled out jobs to apply, wrote an email. Poof. There was two hours and the technician shows up.
Fold laundry. Put away laundry. Unpack my travel bag.
Tidy kitchen. Lead technician around the house. Call WOW to cancel services. Pick some tomatoes and strawberries. Got mail.
Try out Xfinity package to make sure I got the services I ordered. Found that On demand didn't work. Called Comcast to discuss the issue.
At this point it's 5 p.m., husband says he's coming home and we can pick up the goat and Chloe together. I text friends to come see the goat Peanut.
Unfortunately Blogger is not working well today. I have been unable to upload a pic and video.
Pick up goat and Chloe. We were supposed to take Champ, the lamb, but he was sick.
Make dinner while crowd gathers in our back alley to see goat. Feed goat bottle. Cut up carrots for goat.
Come outside with food just in time for Chloe to dump the goat on me so that she can go off and use her new scooter that she scammed Daddy into buying her.
Friends arrive to see goat.

Pick up goat poop. He refused to "do his business" as my grandmother would say on the grass so we had poop in the garage, on the driveway, on the patio, in the alley.

Another friend arrives with son, husband and muffins. Sky goes dark with storm clouds and gets cold so we put goat in his cage and go in house. Kids (ours not the goat's) too afraid to feed goat his bottle. He gets another before children go to bed. Me and hubby feed goat bottle. Try to give goat a walk.
Friends leave. Put goat back in cage with food and water. Close garage for night.
Get Chloe in pjs, read her a story.
It's now 9 p.m. My husband and I watch an episode of Major Crimes but he's too tired to watch all of it and goes to bet. I follow shortly after him.

Stop being greedy

I find it very annoying that television producers have adopted this trend of splitting up seasons of very short run series.
The Walking Dead does this. The Closer did it and now Mad Men have followed suit.These are series that have about 10 to 13 new episodes a year -- half the number that major networks make for other shows like CSI or NCIS, garbage shows I never watch.
 Has no one told the show heads how annoying fans find this ploy?
It's the same as splitting up what should have been one movie into two. Breaking Dawn, part 1 and 2, now Mocking Jay, part one and two. I understand the concept behind the movies, greed.
How does this strategy bring more money to television? The only reason I can think they do this is to stretch out the viewing. Instead of losing a show in its final season in 2014 - as Mad Men was supposed to do - the remaining episodes will air in 2015, extending the season into a another year. Does this strategy bring in more money? Does it bring in more viewers?
This grumpy watcher says no.

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