Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have 12 days left

Before I have to go back to work. I'm going to miss Chloe and that sensation that I don't have to be anywhere at anytime.
Do you remember that feeling you used to get on Sundays . . . homework or assignments that weren't complete and due the next day. It took years after graduation university to shed that feeling. And then you start working full time and there's a bit of dread Sunday nights that the fun is over and you have to go back to the grind.
I'm feeling more anxious about leaving my Chloe-Chloe in the care of others 5 days a week and having to be places by a certain time.
I'm always early and my husband is always late. But this past year time has been irrelevant. I haven't had to be anywhere by a certain time. It's been great, freeing. My schedule is wide open. I can do errands whenever I want. I'm not looking forward to being constricted.
Now, that being said, I am anticipating being around adults, engaging in intellectual conversation, making money and having freedom. Now - you say - how's that? Well, my commute is two hours a day when I'm by myself in the car. I can get lunch by myself. Generally, I get to spend some time alone, which I never do now. So, freedom is also relative.

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