Sunday, December 8, 2013

Walkind Dead craziness

So I'm finally up on the Walking Dead and saw the mid-season finale last week. I'm a little shocked the show isn't going to be back on AMC until February. Ahh. We have to wait two months!!!!
The finale reminds me of what happened in season 2 when the farmhouse was overrun with dead people and the group was scattered.
I have no idea where Michonne went or Tyreese after the kids shot his attackers and took off. There might be a might up place, but who knows. I think in the chaos there were instructions to take to bus to a meeting location. Anyway, at least our favorites Daryl and Michonne are still alive.

I think it's a bit sad that we lost another loved one. I really liked Herschel as a character, he was a nice guy despite everything that happened. But you do start to think after awhile, the young and old are the weakest links. That being said I never thought Herschel was a weak link, but it stands to reason he was on the hit list. The only protected person is Rick. I don't even think his son is going to survive to the end.

There was one big missing link in this season. I  can't remember when this happened but there was one scene where there was a view of hundreds of thousands of walkers headed in one direction. I can't remember whose journey it was. Maybe the trip to the college or something like that. Remember the car was surrounded by dead folks and they couldn't move.

I figured that crowd was going to take the walkers out. That mob is still out there and I wonder if that's going to be the next big challenge.

So far season 4 has been great and offered new unexpected challenges. I just wonder how long they can carry this on. I'm not sad they lost the prison. I thought it was a terrible place. Too big and had too many problems and when you get down to it, a fence can't really keep out a mob of walkers. They were able to push down the fence in this season before the tank raid. They need a castle. Stone walls. independent water source or maybe an island.

My prediction is as follows:
Someone in the group is going to find Carol.
Judith is still alive although they like you to think she's dead because blood was found in her car seat. That being said I thought Carol's daughter would be found alive and I was very wrong there.

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