Monday, November 30, 2015

Jessica Jones - Never heard of her, too bad, she's pretty good

Jessica Jones is a new series by Netflix that was released last week. I had never heard of this character that has her own story line in the Marvel universe.

That's not a shocker as I don't read Marvel comics, even though I've become a pretty big fan of its movies and tv show.

Anyway, we binged on Jessica Jones (starring Krysten Ritter, best known to me for her role on Veronica Mars and the Blacklist)  this weekend and needed to finish the series before my dad returned home. He does not have Netflix, and even if he did, he wouldn't know how to use it.

The series is fairly entertaining. although when you binge, the action sequences, the fights, the push-pull between Jessica Jones and her villain gets a big repetitive.

I wonder if when they sketch out the stories if they keep that under consideration?

Probably not.

Anyway, orphan Jessica Jones is a gritty, hard-drinking, kind of lonely character, who was used and abused by the big bad (a Joss Whedon phrase used in the show). The enemy was Killgrave, a mind-controlling Brit who ordered folks to kill themselves quite regularly.

The actor playing Killgrave, David Tennant, was quite familiar to our family. He had a starring role as a flawed detective in the two seasons of Broadchurch, a mind-thrilling British murder mystery.

So it's a bit bizarre that it took three-quarters of Jessica Jones for our heroine to realize she could resist Killgrave's mind control. They had quite a few flashbacks to the episode where Killgrave had Jessica Jones kill Reva, a woman of no significance except that she's the dead wife of a bartender Jessica Jones later hooks up with.

I think the one flaw in the series is that it was never explained how Jessica Jones developed the ability to resist Killgrave. She eventually realized she could, except she should have known that eventuality because the only reasons Jessica Jones and Killgrave were no longer an item was because she left him - despite his ordering her to stay - to get hit by a bus.

There was a satisfying conclusion to Killgrave. Although he tried to set up an ultimate battle, it ended quite simply.

A lot of reviews of Jessica Jones are discussing abuse, rape and male domination. Although those themes ran through the show, I don't want to think that hard when I'm watching television. Sometimes it is just entertainment.

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