Monday, October 11, 2010

A mouth full of teeth

It's kind of shocking how fast things change. At Chloe's first birthday three months ago, she had 4 teeth. Ok, maybe 5 as one of those upper molars mysteriously appeared.
Now she has 12 teeth. That's a heck of a lot of teeth growing in such a short time.
Unfortunately it's been a time of a lot of whining and crying. Occasionally I see glimpses of my old little girl.
She can be full of smiles and sneaky glances.
On Saturday we went to dinner at one of Martin's colleagues homes. Chloe had already been admonished for banging things against the glass coffee table. I had put the stone coasters up on the fireplace mantle, but I guess someone used one for a drink.
We are standing in the kitchen talking and I heard this horrible banging noise from the family room. I yelled for Chloe and rushed into the room. The minute she saw me she tossed the coaster over her shoulder and took off crawling in the opposite direction.

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