Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween fun

We've been trying to get through the past few weeks of TEETHING HELL ... and it's been tough. We are probably more sleep deprived than when she was eating every two hours.
Just to update ... Almost two weeks ago Chloe started teething again ... we thought after getting the last four teeth at once we would get a two month break before the next four came in .. nope. She's getting in the last four teeth 13 to 16 before the two year molars.
This has been the worst of the teething - of all of it.

She's had fevers -- twice last week we were called to day care to come pick her up. I stayed home two days and Martin one day. The diaper rash from hell has mostly healed. She also had a cold. When we went to her 15 month check up, she cried the entire 40 minutes. The doctor felt so sorry for her that she let us off with the shots. Chloe goes back next week for them.
Anyway, we have all been super cranky, tired and sad that Chloe is in such pain. 

The above pic is Maureen and Chloe in the Strip district of Pittsburgh where we were 10 days ago. The nightmare teething had started a few days earlier.

Anyway, enough of that boring teething drivel. The good news is that while Chloe is still getting up at night and in the early morning - she's screaming a few notches below breaking glass. And she's cracked a few smiles. While the teeth haven't quite come in yet -- not that we can see -- she seems much, much happier.

She was well enough to go trick or treating, which we enjoyed tremendously as a family.
She's been painting at day care and generally doing arts and crafts that I never taught her. This is a pumpkin she painted.

So, while she got up a few times this morning, she still looks so darn cute. This is the coat I bought her because the only warm jacket she has is one-piece snow suit. It's a bit fancy for her but it was on sale.

All right. Hopefully you got your Chloe fill. 

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