Monday, December 6, 2010

Does your husband do this?

Last week hubby says he MUST go to the car dealership to get some parts because his car is missfiring.
I didn't know which dealership he was going to - and frankly - didn't care. Chloe was eating, making a mess and needed my attention.
Hubby takes off. I clean up baby, play with her and then get her into the bath because when it comes down to it, Chloe may be cute, but she's grubby.
I don't notice hubby is gone. He comes back at 8 p.m. -- 90 minutes after he left. I didn't think much of it as I was busy with said baby.
He spills his guts about the visit to the dealership, which included a TEST DRIVE OF A CAR.
I was not suprised. I probably should have been, but I wasn't. Hubby does this all the time.
Periodically he shows up at the house driving a car he's test driving. He's all excited like a kid in a candy shop except for my husband it's a kid in a car showroom.
It turns out that he test drives cars to get it out of his system. It helps him cope with the urge to buy a car.
Although, I'd say, increasingly it's not working. This is the second time he's test driven a car in the past 6 weeks.

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