Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Health care system out of whack

This is why the costs of health care are astronomical.
We took Chloe to see the doctor a couple of weeks ago. They charged us an extra fee because she didn't have an appointment. While the doctor was examining her and trying to look in her ears, she said there was too much ear wax to see much. So she used this nifty device -- a long stick with a loop on the end -- and removed quite a bit of wax to improve the view.
Once finished she determined there was no ear infection in that ear but unfortunately the other ear was infected.
We got a presciption and were on our way. We do like the care we receive at the pediatrician's office but the billing and appointment systems are atrocious.
Here's for the crazy part. When we got the statement from the insurance company, the doctor had charged for a SURGICAL PROCEDURE. They charged extra to remove the wax from Chloe's ear.
Now, call me cheap, but I would think that's just part of the job of looking in her ear, improving the view. It's like taking fluff out of your belly button.
I think it's nutso how much providers charge and how they are nickle and diming the system into bankruptcy.
If I'd known the doctor was going to do that, I would have taken the device from her and cleaned Chloe's ears myself.
The health care system is going bust because of uncontrollable charges. I'm guessing if she wiped Chloe's nose, we would have gotten a charge for ASSISTED CARE.


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