Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Glee Project -- Unfair

I don't get a lot of time to watch television anymore considering our night's are taken up with a two-year-old's priorities. But there are a couple of shows I'm trying not to miss. I may have to watch two episodes in a row but I get it done. My luxuries this summer are The Glee Project and True Blood.
I only discovered Glee in December of last year and managed to get caught up by watching it online for a few months. It's a great show and I just love the singing and dancing although I don't always recognize the Broadway songs.
I think it's a great show and the ctitics who say it's uneven are being a bit harsh. That being said, I was really disappointed with some of the developments on The Glee Project, which is on the Oxygen network on Sunday nights.
Two weeks ago Marissa was eliminated and it was a shocker. I don't even think it was done for dramatic reasons because the longer the show keeps really competitive people vying for the guest spot, the more interesting it is. But her elimination seemed particularly unfair because she was up against Alex and Cameron, who had been before Ryan Murphy for the last chance singoff twice already.
None of the contestants are stand out actors. Truthfully, the egotistical Lyndsay is probably the most talented overall, but none of the competitors would win acting awards although they all have great voices.
Sunday's episode seemed particularly ridiculous. I think I finally know why critics have called this show uneven because last night was exactly that.
Again Cameron and Alex are in the last chance singoff with Damian. The first thing Ryan Murphy does is express frustration about Cameron and that he's been struggling. He mocked him for calling his mother about feeling like he cheated when one of the contestants planted an unexpected kiss on him during the video. But in Sunday's episode, Cameron refused to kiss Hannah as per the director's suggestion.
That kind of difficult behavior has been rewarded before with dismissal like when Bryce was fired in the first episode. So, consistency says Cameron should have been on the chopping block. But no. Cameron expresses a desire to leave the show and Murphy goes into his dressing room and gives him this totally sincere sounding pep talk about how he could make it to the finals.
Huh? Murphy told him in the early days that he didn't understand Cameron and didn't think there was a character he could write for him.
Could the real Ryan Murphy please stand up.
Producers chose to cut Damian but since Cameron volunteered  to leave the show, Damian was saved. But again, this was two weeks in a row where Cameron should have been cut and wasn't for an unexplainable reason.
The saddest part about this is I really liked Cameron.

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