Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Contest winners: Books in the mail

Books were mailed today for the five winners of the Goodreads contest. This was a very expensive endeavor for me. Not including the price of buying the book, the five packages cost $58 in postage fees. The U.S. addresses were cheap, under $3. The U.K. winners cost me $18 each.
Happy reading contest winners!!

Lastly as an observation about the giveaway. About 1,925 people entered the giveway in the four weeks it was listed. I made it to page one and two of the most popular books requested, which I think is amazing exposure. More people added the book at the end of the giveaway than at the beginning.
 I had 1,009 people add it in the to-be-read file and as of today, a little more than a week after the giveway ended, 12 people removed the book from to-be-read file since last Monday, but two added it.
It's very hard to figure out psychology and I'm just glad the book got a lot of exposure.

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