Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stop being greedy

I find it very annoying that television producers have adopted this trend of splitting up seasons of very short run series.
The Walking Dead does this. The Closer did it and now Mad Men have followed suit.These are series that have about 10 to 13 new episodes a year -- half the number that major networks make for other shows like CSI or NCIS, garbage shows I never watch.
 Has no one told the show heads how annoying fans find this ploy?
It's the same as splitting up what should have been one movie into two. Breaking Dawn, part 1 and 2, now Mocking Jay, part one and two. I understand the concept behind the movies, greed.
How does this strategy bring more money to television? The only reason I can think they do this is to stretch out the viewing. Instead of losing a show in its final season in 2014 - as Mad Men was supposed to do - the remaining episodes will air in 2015, extending the season into a another year. Does this strategy bring in more money? Does it bring in more viewers?
This grumpy watcher says no.

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