Thursday, September 27, 2012

I started reading Divergent by Vernonica Roth a few days ago and was confused when I got to page 25. It was all black. I didn't know what to think so I pushed on even though I was missing a page of the book. Then I got to page 48. Beatrice had just cut her palm and picked a new faction and Bang. Black page.
Arrrr. It just ruined my reading momentum.
It didn't even occur to me to return the book to the store because I have no idea where I bought it. I've had it a couple of months and only started reading it this weekend.
So, I decided to write the publisher and ask for pdf files of the missing pages. After an email exchange where I had to impart with personal information, the publisher promised to mail me a new book to replace the defective one.
So, now I am waiting for the new book.
It's Ok because I'm in the middle of reading The Hour I First Believed on audio by Wally Lamb. I tend to read two books simultaneously because I have the two-hour commute and need to occupy my time in the car. I usually alternate between podcasts and books with a bit of music thrown in when I'm thinking about something.
I have a 10-mile run on Saturday to do for my half-marathon training. I'm hoping Wally Lamb will keep me entertained enough for the two hour plus run.
I spend my evenings editing my book. I realized last night, I have some rewrites to do on chapter seven. I still plan a mid to late November e-book launch.
It is super hard to juggle book writing/newspaper career/mother of three-year-old/wife of British husband/running training.
The running, writing and toddler eat up all of my spare time. Actually, my toddler eats up the vast majority of my free time. I can't resist her. She's is so darn cute.

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