Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Editing is chugging along. I made some changes to chapters one and two that are posted. The changes aren't too significant.
I did the rewrites I needed to do on the mid-book chapters. I have more work to do but it's manageable. I'm still set to finish by the end of next month.
It's been super hard to juggle everything with training for the half marathon, which is Sunday.
Being sick and then the back pain really set me back but I seemed caught up last weekend and had a great 10-mile run on Saturday.
Now I have a seven miles to get in before Friday.  I was supposed to run today but the husband called me at work to nix my plans because he had to work late and I had to take care of the bambino, who was in a surprising good mood when I picked her up from daycare.
I also had to feed the family, a chore that is time consuming. I made Cincinnati chili last night and gave half away to a friend of mine who had a baby two weeks ago.
A couple of my friends brought over dinner for me after I had Chloe and it made such a difference.
What's it called? Paying it forward?

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