Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Parents Guide coming out Monday

With great relief and little fanfare, The New Parent Survival Guide is coming out Monday.
If you are expecting your first child, read this 53-page booklet to know how to survive the first year after birth. It's full of tips and advice. It's a nice handy companion to the expert books that you are probably reading.
I wrote this booklet for one main reason: I got such great advice and if I didn't write it down I was going to forget it. I have passed on some of the tips in the booklet and my friends were so grateful that I felt compelled to share with the rest of the frightened new parents waiting anxiously for the birth of their first child.
Can I say the book cover is so cute? It stars my daughter in her most lovable state - sleeping.
I do not have the photo handy as I'm writing this post remotely. I will update it tonight with the picture.

The publication of the booklet also clears the way for me to get the two young adult books I've been laboring over published. I won't state the publication goal date because I feel it's putting unnecessary pressure on me. The only deadline is the one I have in my head and I'm not going to share it right now.
Not surprising, I was delayed again --- you've heard this lament a million times -- but we all got the flu two weeks ago and are still recovering. I hardly slept for three days and am only now catching up. It's the same story for my husband and daughter.
Next year I will not miss my flu shot, even if I have to get it in August.

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