Monday, February 25, 2013

Toddler Tip #1

This problem has happened to me twice now even though I thought I had self corrected.
It's really hard to predict how fast or slow your kid will grow.
Last spring, my daughter's feet grew like weeds. One day she was wearing a six, the next it was seven and inbetween I had bought her $55 shoes. It was so frustrating.
It was another story with the clothes. My daughter grew out of her tops in March but it was too cold to wear short-sleeves.
I could not find any long-sleeved shirts in any stores. I found a couple of strange tops in the clearance section but other than that the stores were devoid of winter clothes.
It's a good thing we had a warm spring so the need for long-sleeved shirts wasn't needed for too long.
Well, last fall I bought size 3 pants for my girl even though the size 2 pants still fit. The mistake I made was buying three pairs of jeans. My daughter has an addiction to sweat pants and has so far refused to wear the jeans -- it's been six months and I don't think she's going to change her mind.
So, I'm down to four or five pairs of sweat pants and a couple of leggings. She cut a hole in one pair of leggings, so that takes us down to one pair.
So this weekend I set out to find some more pants. My daughter has been having protest potty accidents and she went through three pairs of pants on Saturday.
So, I went to Target, etc. It's only the end of February but no one is selling long pants. Everything in the shops was spring dresses or jeans. They treat kids clothes just like adults; fashion over function.
Today I was in Wal-Mart and did find some sweat pants tucked away in some low shelf. They had no size 4 pairs, only three. It's a good thing they were only $2.50.
So, lesson here is buy everything you need before the season starts and make sure you know what your kid will or will not wear.

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