Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vampire Diaries shocker

I just watched the episode from last week on the weekend while making chili.
That's how I watch TV these days. The kid and hubby are out of the house, I cook and catch up with whatever is on the DVR.
Holy Cow. Vampire Diaries does a good job at killing off its characters. For the first few seasons you always knew those temporary new characters were destined to die by the time they appeared in the fourth or fifth episode.
Then some stuck around and lately they've not been knocking people off.
But since Christmas it's like the show runners want to pare down the cast. Tyler's mom? Drowned.
Jeremy? drained of blood. Tyler? Banished until Klaus kills him.
I feel that Rebeka is next. Or maybe even Klaus because it seems that Silus is the new big bad. You can't have two big bads. It's the Buffy the Vampire Slayer formula. One big bad per season.
While I love Klaus, the originals story line is getting a bit tired. How many times can he threaten to kill everyone?
Catherine's return was a bit of a surprise but I knew that Silus wasn't going to get the cure and it would go to one of our favorite Scoobie gang.
Part of me thinks the show folks who be sick enough to have Rebeka get the cure and Klaus kills her.
I don't think it will go to Elena, too predictable.
All this talk about Silus bringing back the dead, that could be interesting. If he can do it, why wouldn't he bring back Jeremy? The teen who provided him with life?
In the scuffle in the caves, I lost sight of the other hunter. Where was he?

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