Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vampire Diaries is my new favorite show

I know it's weird that I just started watching a show in its fourth season. Forgive me. I've been busy.
The latest episode wasn't all that surprising. Jeremy appears to really be dead. He's even starting to rot.
Tyler is definitely gone. And Elena burned the house and has gone native.
OK. So we'll see how this plays out. What I found interesting isn't what was in the show.
It's what I read online about a new spinoff series called the Originals starring Klaus, his last surviving brother and now his sister.
The pilot is going to be one of the April episodes of the Vampire Diaries.
I must say, this is intriguing. I love Klaus and even Rebekah, she's so sad with her pathetic vulnerability. I even like Elijah. I'm a little worried about what kind of stories they'll be telling.
The only series that work with the bad guy as the lead are ones where he's actually got a human side like Dexter or the guy in Breaking Bad.
Klaus has rarely shown a vulnerable side. I loved the scene with Caroline when he saved her of course after biting her because he loved her but those moments are few and far between. Also, I don't see Caroline leaving the Vampire Diaries.
The departure of the Originals makes room for Silus though.
So I was wrong on the next person to die. It was Khol, not Rebekah. But it was an original!!! And the real professor, he's dead in the forest and Silus has taken on his appearance.

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