Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Showtime's Homeland good but rubs me wrong way

While I can't walk on my foot 22 of 24 hours, I am getting seriously caught up on Showtime's Homeland.
I just finished season 2 and am torn by the events in the finale.
Actually throughout the season Carrie embarrassed me or ticked me off.
I loved it when Sol said she was the smartest and dumbest person he knew because she sometimes took DUMB to a new level.
She is still seriously unstable and made very irrational choices. Yes, they often paid off and she was always right. Carrie always solves the case even if she has to use crazy to get there.
I was very disappointed at the end that she was giving up her career for Brody.
Why do television shows have to do that? I can't be the only viewer who is not attached to the Carrie/Brody hookup. I do not see love there. I see weakness. I see a lustful affair that will burn out when they discover who each other really is.
That's why I did like the very end with Brody on the run and Carrie returning to her job. I could not watch a full season of Carrie/Brody on the run.
Now I guess she'll work on the inside to protect Brody and find the real terrorists.
I was hoping she'd take an interest in government assassin Peter. I liked him although he couldn't control Carrie anymore than anyone else.

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