Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Additions to YA novel sample Cursed now online

While I am at home recovering from foot surgery I plan to finish YA novel Cursed and its sequel or two. I am very ambitious, perhaps too much so. My husband always says my eyes are bigger than my stomach.
He's not so much talking about food as he is my expectations.
I envisioned this story running 7 parts with some story lines continuing book to book with independent plots for each book.
Cursed is about 60 per cent done and I hope to have it finished in a week or so. That may sound fast but I am stuck on the couch with an elevated foot and have now been doing rewrites for five hours straight. The sad part is it's been five hours of rewriting Chapter One.
Which brings me to the reason for this blog. In addition to the prologue for Cursed, I have posted Chapter One.
Feel free to send feedback to monicawolfsonwrites@gmailcom
Happy Reading.

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