Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School lunch update

My anxiety over school lunch has not waned too much. I've had some success and some failure.
She's eaten her veggies every morning except one. She ate her sandwich one day, but not the other.

When she rejected the sandwich I moved to a stick of cheese and crackers.  The breakfast bars are a huge hit. See Nigella Lawson recipe.
For the most part, she doesn't eat as much as I expected. For example, today she didn't eat her pear and she loves pears.
I'm pretty proud of the fact that her lunches are very healthy and she's eating them. The first two days of this week I gave her half of a Fibre One bar. That was a big treat.
I've got a recipe for a different kind of bar that is mostly made up of dates, dried blueberries and almonds. I hope Chloe likes it because it will be much lower calorie than the Nigella breakfast bars.  

While I'm figuring out the food, Chloe can't seem to keep track of her things.
She lost her Tupperware and her pear last week when she dropped it on the floor in the cafeteriua. I can understand losing the pear, but why not pick up the Tupperware????
She lost her water bottle twice in three days. On Friday she lost her Tupperware, water bottle and a plastic bracelet.
I admit I flipped and put down some rules. Food only goes in baggies. No more water bottles. Rely on the school drinking fountain. No more taking jewelery to school.
I feel like a mean mommy but jeez, she wouldn't remember her head if it wasn't attached to her body.,

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