Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New website

A couple of announcements before I detail my lunch experiments.
I officially launched my freelance writing/editing/website content/newsletter/grant writing website at
Check it out and see if you have any freelance work you need done.

Second, I'll update some TV viewing shortly. The new TV season just started and I've watched some shows. Can I say, shocking start to The Good Wife, one of my favorite shows. Look back soon for a piece on CBS's Person of Interest.

Next, I've made lunches now for a month and think I've figured out a routine. As unexciting as that sounds, lunch is a routine. I try and give my daughter a different lunch every day, but inevitably there is a repeat day. Usually she gets the cheese stick and crackers more than once a week, but I mix it up with different fruit, yogurt or a treat.

I was giving her my homemade breakfast bar almost daily but I ran out and have to make more. They are pricey to make and fairly high calorie, but full of natural goodness with nuts, seeds, dried fruit and coconut. See Nigella Lawson for recipe details.

Waffle sandwiches with cream cheese filling have been a hit. I use one frozen waffle, toast it, cut it in half and spread fruit flavored cream cheese in the filling.

It's not worth it to give too much of one thing. When I give my daughter a full sandwich instead of a half, she leaves half of it uneaten.

I started giving my daughter a treat once a week when I noticed, I've been to three lunches at the school, that most of the kids get a treat every day. Oreos are the popular treat of choice and I give my daughter two once a week.

My daughter has bought lunch twice so far. One day was Domino's pizza, the other was today when she got mini pancakes. She asked to buy lunch again, but the menu looked like crap. I told her she can only buy her lunch once a week.

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