Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola hysteria

I watched congressional hearings yesterday where it seemed lawmakers, especially Republicans, only wanted to blame President Barak Obama for Ebola than discuss a thoughtful way to deal with the outbreak in the U.S.
Wait. I mispoke. Is it an outbreak when only 2 people have been infected? I think not. While I sympathize with the two nurses who contracted Ebola, let's be thoughtful for a minute.
No one seems to remember that patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan, had raging symptoms of Ebola as late as Sept. 28. With Ebola's incubation period, why has no one mentioned that the 50 people who had contact with Mr. Duncan before and after he got sick and have not contracted the illness or shown symptoms in the 21 day incubation period?
This is a good news story.
Tomorrow will be 21 days since Mr. Duncan was transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.
I'll tell you why no one has mentioned all those people being safe because it doesn't serve the anti-Obama rhetoric that politicians are spouting.
There's an election in a few weeks and the only truth the public is being told are the lies that will get these baboons elected.
Be aware. Get informed. Be a real citizen and not a puppet.
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