Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Walking Dead revived

Wow. Wow. Wow.
I made my husband watch the season 5 premiere of AMC's Walking Dead with me tonight. He said he's going to have nightmares and he wasn't even watching the show.
It was freaking scary.... drama, drama, drama of the good kind.

I don't want to give too much away for anyone who hasn't seen it, but this was the big reunion episode since they were driven off from the prison. One can be forgiven for forgetting that at the end of season 4 Rick was still separated from Judith and Beth was still missing.
Tonight, the only person still in mystery land is Beth.
I guess I'm not being fair if I say that season 4 wasn't dramatic. The season finale with the rape, almost rape, of Carl was pretty dramatic. But I felt that season 4 as a whole had more low than high points.
There were so many scenes in this year's season opener that had me on the edge of my seat, gripping a pillow and sitting super close to my husband because I was so scared. The butchering scene was just horrific.

Watch first four minutes of the season premiere:

 I haven't read the comics but I know from reading forums about the show that there were cannibals in the comics.
I'm glad that the cannibals seem to have made a brief appearance because I don't think I could have stomached episode after episode of fearing being eaten by other humans.

Again there were gratuitous gory scenes. I especially liked the close up of the zombie chomping on someone's face. Nice.

Overall, I can see why my friends thought the episode was fabulous. I did not cry unlike others, but I did feel a little softness in my heart when Carol and Daryl were reunited.
I have to comment on Carol. She has fast become my most favorite character along with Daryl. It was was awesome to see a woman be the hero for a change. But it's not just that. I loved her kick-ass nature in this episode, but more importantly, she has fast become the most complex character on the show. She does what needs to be done, more so than Rick or any of the other characters. I found one of the most powerful moments last year was when she had to kill one of the young girls because she'd become psycho. That was tough to watch.  This week she got on her inner zombie (a move I feel they haven't done since season 1 when Rick and Glen covered themselves in zombie guts to get a car) and was like a clever female MacGyver. 

Just a quick note: Was I the only one who noticed the gratuitous missing chest buttons of Maggie's top? Really?Was that necessary? That was just too darn obvious.
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Maureen Wolfson said...

I just started watching this show. The first episode I watched I said.."this show is stupid"..but then I got hooked! I've missed a lot of episodes and seasons but I agree, that season opener was great!

Monica Wolfson said...

I think all the old seasons are on Netflix. I readily admit that in the first two seasons I was like, this show is so dumb, the people do such stupid things, how is this going to last? But then it got better.

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