Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cursed update -- book offline

I have taken Cursed offline for a couple of weeks. I have to fix some errors and make some changes and would prefer to re-present the book rather than keep it up for sale while I add some scenes.
It is still for sale on Smashwords and Createspace because it's too much work to take it down and then repost it. I will be adding a new text file when it's ready but for now it's still there.
I've had some great - yet critical reviews - of the book and I want to address some of the criticism. I don't want to sell anything but the best book I can write.
The book is short because Evolution is long. Does that make any sense? I spent five years writing Evolution and it's full of rich detail and full characters. I wanted Cursed to be a shorter, quicker read and didn't realize in doing so I was cheating the reader of a fuller experience.
Everyone has noted that the story is very good. That is such a compliment because I worked very hard developing the plot and putting hints in the story toward future storylines in other books.
But I also wanted the reader to feel a connection to the characters and be fulfilled. It seems I have accomplished that with the main character but at the expense of subordinate characters. So I am making revisions, adding scenes and will repost it in a few weeks and put it up for FREE so that anyone who bought it and wants to download a newer version and hasn't yet read the book can do so at no cost.
Thanks so much for those who have already read the book and I hope you won't abandon me as I work to make the product even better.

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