Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New cover for Evolution

My YA dystopian/science fiction/paranormal book has a new cover thanks to Sarah Dalton, a British designer. I bought the picture but needed it enhanced. While there is no person on the cover, I hope it's mysterious enough that it attracts some attention.
I don't have an official release date for Evolution. I had originally planned for August but I'm not sure that is doable. I can say Evolution will be released sometime in the next quarter. That's as close as I can get to a release date.

Evolution is a story of survival. It's about a group of friends who have survived a horrific virus that has taken the lives of most Americans. Michigan can be an inhospitable place in the winter, so the group decides to go to Florida. The journey is perilous but also gives the teens time to discover the "Remarkable" skills they've developed after being sick.
I need to work on the book blurb because the story is much more complicated than that. The teens/aka virus survivors are cogs in a complex wheel of a man's revenge and thirst for power.

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