Sunday, July 7, 2013

Downton Abbey is fabulous

When I'm watching great TV shows I generally have good and bad things to say about the show. I can't help it, nothing is perfect. The Killing dragged out the mystery way too long and seems to have learned its lesson with season three, which I'm liking.
Mad Men has a lot of up and down episodes. The first part of season six was a total yawn but the season picked up speed midway. I really liked its last few episodes and the ending was great. I felt like Don was finally going to peel back the layers of his mystery and with the people who should know, his children. The Walking Dead is entertaining but likes to take gore a bit too far.
I started watching Downton Abbey a couple of weeks ago. I have seen bits and pieces of some episodes but never saw one in its entirely.
I'm now almost halfway through season two and the show reminds me of Mad Men without the sex and yet the show is better. I've watched 12 episodes that have spanned 6 years. The plots move ahead on fairly small issues but they pack a punch.
I think the dialogue is witty, the storylines are clever and press the boundaries of the historical societal norms for the early 20th Century.
I started watching the series through Netflix and saw 2 episodes before Netflix lost the license to the show. That was annoying.  Makes me question whether I should keep Netflix much longer.
Anyway, I just love the storyline between Mary and Matthew. It's totally applicable to today and how someone's pride can get in the way.

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