Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New cast on The Walking Dead

I wouldn't normally care about new cast members because this show is, for the most part, made up of unknown actors. My husband recognized Andrew Lincoln because he's British as is my husband and I guess he was on a few Brit shows.
I can't say anyone looked too familiar to me otherwise than someone who might have been a guest on a show.
BUT that has all changed with the addition of Lawrence Gillard Jr.

I love this guy. He was one of the lead actors in the first season of The Wire. He was also in the second season but was killed off.
It's funny but I found his drug dealer character very sympathetic probably because Gillard played him with a conscience.
The Wire was one of my favorite shows, although the later seasons were not as good as the first two. It was gritty, realistic and fascinating despite its at times gruesome subject matter.
I think Gillard will be a great addition to this emotionally overwrought show. When you think about this show in a realistic sense, it's pretty dreary and I'm not sure how I'd manage. Then again the difference between reality and this show is there is always some hope.
New season starts Oct. 13.

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