Monday, August 5, 2013

The Killing finale - disturbing

I must opine briefly on the finale of AMC's The Killing last night. Again, the two hour finale took a few twists and turns to get to the point of revealing the real serial killer.

I thought the whole episode was well done with a lot of ups and downs especially when Skinner was able to torture Linden with memories of their affair and her personal issues.

I have to say, it took me a few moments to realize the ring on Skinner's daughter's finger was Callie's. I like to think I'm not stupid and I know that Sarah realized Skinner was the killer after seeing the ring, and Skinner knew that Sarah knew after he turned around. It just took me a minute to realize the ring wasn't a replica of Callie's but actually her ring. I know the filmmakers showed us a close-up of the ring a few frames before the revealing moment and I eventually put the pieces together, but I am sad that it took me so long!!

What is slightly confusing is that if Skinner took care to dispose of Callie's body where no one could find it, then why did he burn the last body? He was tying up a loose end but he didn't need to get rid of that girl so openly because that's what opened up the case again.

I was disappointed with the closing scene with the fade to black after Linden shoots Skinner. It leaves us hanging and it's not even clear if there is going to be a fourth season.

I thought this season was really good, way better than season two, although not as gripping as season one.

I hope there is more of The Killing to come.


Unknown said...

I love this show, especially the Linden and Holder partnership. Mireille Enos is very sympathetic, and Joel Kinnaman is an amazing actor. The walk, the voice for Holder are perfect. I thought this season was grim but fascinating, though I preferred the Rosie case overall.

Monica Wolfson said...

I love the partnership too. I don't wish they were together outside the office but I am a little uncomfortable with them having romantic relationships. I just prefer to see them interact with each other.

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