Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A stranger read my book and liked it

I am so flattered. I haven't released Cursed officially yet because I'm still waiting to hear back from Beta readers and make some changes. To do that though I have to leave the book on Amazon so that my beta readers can download it with the gift links I sent them.

I did send it off to one reviewer.

Anyway I posted the book cover and a sample on Goodreads to start getting some publicity. And there a 25-year-old woman I don't know read and liked the book and wrote a short review. I am so flattered. It makes me feel awesome.
You can see the review here:

Now I am agonizing over how pathetic I am. I really like it that someone read my book and liked it!!!
I am happy today.


Brenna Wildung said...

It is good to feel proud of yourself! It's an amazing feeling accomplishing something and having people notices! Way to go! :D

Monica Wolfson said...

Thanks. I work hard on these projects, it's nice to know it's not for nothing.

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