Thursday, May 23, 2013

I have settled on a title and cover for my YA fantasy/sci-fi novel that will come out in August.
Thanks to Allison Ingman who helped me come up with a title: Evolution. The second half of the two-part book will be Revolution.
This series was initially going to be a trilogy but I think the ideas I have are best said in two books. The first one is 82,000 words. I see the sequel being longer.
Evolution will be published in August. I need a couple of months to do some editing. This labor of love has been underway for more than five years.
I started it in 2008. I've changed the character names three times because I have not been satisfied with the names I've chosen.
The lead character in Cursed is Sasha and I like the name and have always felt comfortable with it.
In Evolution, some names have never felt right. I have finally settled on the name Dax for the male lead. I know everyone is going to think it's some trendy name but it's not. It's the name of one of the photographer's I work with and I have always loved his name.

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