Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AMC's The Walking Dead third season

I know I'm super late to be summing up a season months after it ended but I'm a little behind -- by years -- on my TV watching.

The Walking Dead has a unique charm. I'm not keen on the gore, as I've mentioned before, but the show has definitely hooked me. Season 3 had fewer DUMBASS moments than in the first two seasons, which made it much more enjoyable. I still don't get the Governor and his mental illness except to sum it up as he's just CRAZY.
Rick went a little nuts too but soon recovered.
I like many others am not sad to see Andrea dead. She bored me. For a smart lady, I found her incredibly unintellectual.

A smart woman would have at least tried to kill the Governor even if it meant her end. Instead, for inexplicable reasons, she sticks with him even after she finds out about the heads in jars and the dead little girl.

Up until Michonne joined the show, the women in The Walking Dead were very uninspiring. You could totally tell it's a male written, male created, male thinking show. I have not read the comics, so my guess is the women are modeled after the comics, which are also probably written by men for men.

Part of me is outraged because it's women and men falling back into gender roles from biblical days. The ladies do all the cooking and cleaning, while the guys get to kill bad guys. It's uninspiring and boring. To boot, like typical women, the ladies have to cook, clean and fight, while the men just fight. The women do it all.

 I would love to see a woman take charge. It's not like Rick is a brilliant mind, especially when he's hallucinating. He's repeatedly made DUMBASS decisions. Cripes, he was only a Sheriff's Deputy. Anyone who has covered the police knows Sheriff's departments are the lowest paid and have the least impressive personnel.

The only admirable female character is Michonne, who I just love. Maggie is pretty cool too, but she only joined the show in season 2.

One thing this show is missing is a little sass, a little flirtation, some sexual tension. It doesn't have to develop into a romance but the dialogue in this show could really use a boost of attitude. It would be nice if they found someone who was intellectual.

My second favorite character is Daryl. He's a redneck with a heart. I love it. I find it a little disturbing they are trying to pair up Daryl and Carol. She's just a super lame character. She needs a boring man like her. Daryl, he deserves a spitfire who made it out of the trailer park.

Why is it they can't find a safer place that isn't the size of a shopping mall? It's not like these monsters are thinking folk. They are rotting corpses that are easily defeated. It doesn't make sense to me how the military got so overrun. I'm hoping there is a huge military presence and community full of people living somewhere, maybe on an island. Otherwise, if you really, really think about it, The Walking Dead is very depressing.

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