Sunday, June 9, 2013

AMC's The Killing continues its deadly streak

AMC's third season of The Killing hasn't disappointed although it's starting off much like the first season.
I love how Lyndon goes for a run, recognizes the surroundings as from the drawing a little kid drew while locked in an apartment with his mother's body for several days and finds several bodies in a swamp.

The only problem with this story is that the original crime was 4 years ago when the kid was 6. There is no way a kid of 6 could draw that well.
My daughter is 4 and just started coloring within the lines and not very well. Ok. I'm nitpicking.
I have so far found the street kids to be very realistic, especially Bullet. I don't want to say the other kids are formulaic because we've only seen a bit. The Lyric chick is a bit stereotypical in that she's hooking to make money for her boyfriend so he can start his modeling career. This is a pathetic love affair and yet somewhat realistic in that kids that are prostitutes don't exactly have high self esteem.
I'll have to see where this goes before I judge too much. So far I'm loving being back with Holder and Lyndon. Holder still talks like some goofy white rapper street kid. It's nice to see he hasn't changed.


Yves Fey said...

I'm also a big fan of Holder and Linden. Joel Kinnaman is an amazing actor! While the third season isn't quite as riveting a story as the mystery of Rosie's death, it's still very powerful.

Monica Wolfson said...

It's strange we all think that considering both cases involve the disappearance of young girls. The difference is Rosie was young, pretty and in a "good" family while season three is all street kids and the only person mourning was Holder over Bullet's death.

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