Sunday, June 2, 2013

Amazon may be a juggernaut but don't dismiss Nook/Kobo/Smashwords

I was in Panera Bread on Friday and the woman at the table beside me was reading a book on a Nook. I didn't think much of it. She said she paid $75 for the device and it's only good for reading books. She said she loves that she doesn't have to carry around armloads of paperbacks.
I know most people seem to read books on the Kindle, which has a ton more capabilities. I read books on an iTouch. I like being able to load more things on my device than just books. I can read the books with either the Kindle or the Nook apps.
I mention this because in reading a lot of blogs about self publishing many big authors recommend enrolling in the KDP Select program, which means for three months you can only sell your book on Amazon. In exchange your book in enrolled in a library system. If someone borrows your book you get almost $2 versus .35 cent if your book is 99 cents or .70 cents if it's 2.99 and so on.
You also get the ability to give your book away for free or put it on sale.
I read some blogs about how some authors made more money from the library borrowing than they did from sales at other online stores like B&N or Kobo or Smashwords.
That may be true. I've had a couple of people borrow the New Parents Survival Guide, which means I made $2 instead of 35 cents. But I've decided that Cursed is going to be available on the many outlets out there until I think I need to change tactics.
So far my sales on B&N, Kobo and Smashwords combined represent 50 per cent of my total book sales.
So I'm not giving up on everyone else yet.

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