Monday, June 3, 2013

Cursed in paperback now available

This is the official launch of Cursed, the first in the Tysseland Chronicles series.

The book synopsis is here:
When 17-year-old Sasha orders her latte at a local cafĂ©, she hardly expects to get robbed. Strangely, the men don’t want money from the register. Instead they are interested in the necklace she is wearing that her mother gave her years ago.
Sasha can’t understand why the men would want the worthless piece of stained glass that hangs around her neck from a leather cord. It’s not worth anything or is it? She comes to realize not all value is measured in dollars and cents.
This is the night she meets Evan, who saves her life by distracting the robbers as the couple dodge flying bullets. It takes days for Sasha to acknowledge that her burgeoning magic abilities helped keep them safe. She’s adamant in keeping that secret from Evan. She doesn’t want him to know she’s a freak.
Cursed is a thrilling romantic and exhilarating read. Monica Wolfson takes readers to a fantasy world they won’t want to leave.   
The book is available in  e-book or paperback. You can find the links under my Shop tab.
I will have a giveaway in a couple of weeks on Smashwords and at least two signed paperback copies will be available.
The Tysseland Chronicles is a set story told over four books from Sasha's viewpoint about a young teen discovering her new magical powers, finding love and nullifying a threat on her life.
A fifth novel is a companion story told from Willow Bean's viewpoint about her life after she left her mother's queendom.
One reviewer of Cursed on Goodreads commented that it was nice to read about a heroin that could solve her own problems. No one can do everything on their own but I don't like victim heroines. I also hate DUMBASS moves by lead characters. (Case in point read my review of AMC's The Walking Dead).
There is a difference between taking a chance and doing really stupid things.  I like books with thoughtful plots and I hope that's what readers think of my book. I hope I haven't put any characters in peril for just a thrill. I feel like every chapter was written for a reason and moved the story along.
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